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We Are Leading International Company In The World

Safe  One Contracting Company is a leading construction firm that aims to turn clients’ visions into tangible reality. The company stands out with its deep expertise and exceptional technical skills, enabling the successful execution of diverse and complex projects.
Safe  One is known for its innovation and high quality across all aspects of its work. We take pride in our outstanding team of highly qualified engineers, technicians, and professional management staff. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by providing customized solutions according to their individual needs and requirements.
Safe  One excels in delivering projects of various sizes and complexities with the highest standards of quality and safety. We utilize the latest technologies and innovative materials to ensure efficient and professional project execution.
We value the importance of communication and transparency with our clients. We strive to build strong and sustainable relationships by listening to their needs, offering professional advice, and achieving their goals.
Whether you are planning to build your dream home or undertake a large-scale commercial project, Seif & One Contracting Company is ready to collaborate with you to achieve project success. With our solid reputation and proven market experience, we consider ourselves true partners to our clients in their construction and development journey.
Contact us today to discuss your project and bring your vision to life in the world of construction and contracting. It would be our greatest pleasure to be part of your success and fulfill your real estate dreams.




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Safe One General Contracting Companies Group, founded in 2009 in Al Ain, UAE, has emerged as a leading construction firm, leaving an indelible mark on Abu Dhabi’s landscape. With a track record of over 1000 successfully executed projects, safe One has established itself as a reputable name in the industry.
Combining expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, safe One has consistently delivered outstanding results in various sectors. From commercial and residential developments to infrastructure projects, their portfolio showcases their versatility and ability to handle diverse challenges.
What sets safe One apart is their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. With a customer-centric approach, they prioritize understanding their clients’ unique requirements and tailor their solutions accordingly. Their team of experienced professionals ensures that projects are completed within specified timelines, adhering to strict quality standards.
With a strong emphasis on sustainability, safe One incorporates environmentally friendly practices into their construction processes. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and materials, they aim to minimize their ecological footprint while maximizing energy efficiency.
As you exploresafe One’s website, you’ll discover a company committed to excellence, reliability, and a strong work ethic. Their impressive portfolio and stellar reputation make them the ideal choice for any construction project in Abu Dhabi

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Abdul Hakim Sanjab

Statement from the Chairman of the Board to the customers
Dear valued customers,
I would like to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you for your continued trust and support in our company. Thanks to you, we continue to achieve success and grow in our industry.
At our company, we place utmost importance on meeting your expectations and providing high-quality products and services that exceed your demands. We understand that you place your trust in us to fulfill your business needs and requirements. Therefore, we strive to build long-term relationships with you based on honesty, transparency, and credibility.
We strongly believe in the importance of credibility in business, and we work diligently to maintain our outstanding credibility and reputation. We are committed to providing reliable and accurate information about our products and services, and we adhere to fair and ethical business practices in all aspects of our operations.
Furthermore, we continuously work on developing and improving our processes and innovating our products and services to ensure that we meet your ever-changing and evolving business needs in a dynamic business world.
We thank you for your continued trust and collaboration, and we assure you that we will continue to work diligently to meet your expectations and achieve your complete satisfaction. You are our most valuable asset, and we remain committed to delivering the best we have to offer and providing exceptional customer service.
If you have any inquiries or specific requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, who will be ready to assist you in any way possible.
Once again, thank you all for your continued trust and ongoing support. We are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and credibility, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with you.
Best regards

Abdul Hakim Sanjab

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